Smart metering

To the controlling systems you can connect utilities counters that record all building consumption. Depending on the peaks of consumption and the hourly rates of utilities, costs can be optimized by moving certain activities in periods with low costs.

The cotrolling system generates graphs of consumption curves and some processes can be optimized to become more efficient. Sometimes subventions for investment in energy efficiency makes you test “what happened” and smart meters that analyze and store this data can generate these reports.
With the visualization system you can always estimate the costs of utility bills, even before the supplier issues the invoice. Thereby we can verify their correctness.
A local weather station on the outside of the building that monitors the temperature, lighting, rain, wind, humidity, helps the intelligent systems of the building to regulate itself . Depending on the outside weather conditions the blinds will close when the wind blows, the garden watering stops when the rain starts etc. The outdoor lighting, the gearing of the shading systems and the control of the climate system can only be done if these exterior sensors send the data.
The metering systems can manage the electricity, thermal power, gas, hot water, cold water. This function is very useful for office buildings in order to share costs with utilities on the various areas rented.
This encourages investment in energy efficiency of each of us.