Conditioning control

Conditioning systems management in modern buildings aims, apart from to providing comfort for inhabitants, the control of energy consumption. Lately, the spectacular increase in electricity consumption was due to air conditioning systems.

The effect of BMS system on a building is the intelligent use of energy and the increase of comfort. Using algorithms to analyze the energy needs for obtaining the desired temperature and air quality in each room, allows air conditionig self-regulation.

An automatic control of the desired/optimal temperature in each room can be implemented depending on the time, the people present in the room or season, correlated with the outside temperature. Commands can be given remote via  Internet, this function being very useful for homes when owners are away for a longer time. For commercial buildings, the HVAC systems are programmed to switch off during the night, reducing consumption and equipment wear, thus avoiding energy consumption during the night and on weekends.

These systems, correlated with the use of solar panels and heat pumps can dramatically lower bills, giving a plus of shade in the interior comfort.