Security systems control

The security of a house or an office is an important issue. Often there is a confrontation between the form of the security equipment and the design needs of the building. There are security systems that provide equipment with special shapes and colors, some of them winning design awards at specialized exhibitions.

Video intercoms create the first security barrier in a building. There are models where the interior and exterior station is a glass, available in various colors. All the electronic part is hidden and only the glass front is visible, on which commands are given with a simple touch. Exterior stainless steel models provide antivandal protection necessary in some areas.
IP cameras can monitor the outside of the building, the entrances or the parking area. The images from these can be displayed on the same displays from which the house systems are controlled, having therefore an unitary overview of the property.
Command of the burglary alarm systems correlates with the status of occupied/unoccupied within the building. Special attention should be given to the communications of data with the controlling systems from the building when using remote commands via Internet. With a bit of attention in using these systems they can help us increase the safety of the home or office.