Energy efficiency

Automation solutions ensure better control of the cost of utilities, enabling energy efficiency and environmental protection. Through sensors, connected to the building’s control system, the consumption of electrical energy can be reduced and adjusted to the user’s needs. The utility meters record all the consumptions of the building, that can easily be checked at any time and so you can take measures to lower costs.

In an intelligent building light sensors allow the adjustment of the lighting intensity depending on the natural light in the room, providing thereby efficient electricity consumption. Also, the presence detectors indicate to the system that the lights in a room where no activity is sensed can be switched off.
The automation system allows temperature adjustment for each room depending on the beneficiary’s needs. If it detects an opened door or window, the system can be programmed to stop the ventilation and heat, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption of electric and thermal energy.
Intelligent control of shading systems helps to reduce air conditioning costs. The system analyzes if the outdoor temperatures ascend or descend so that the heat from the sun can be used for heating or blocked if the room is warm enough.