Vizualisation and control systems

Visualization and control systems are the most important components of an intelligent building solutions. Basically, you can see all building functions on a screen, you can control areas or individually a room and this can happen LOCALLY on a color touch screen display or REMOTE via Internet from a computer or smartphone.

Besides utility, touchscreens have a special design and they are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures of frames, screen sizes, which allow integration into any building design. Keypads ensure local control in each space. You can program individual functions on their keys (lighting, climate, music, blinds) or complex scenes depending on the spaces needs. Their design is extremely varied, from classic to modern with a variety of numbers of keys and positionings. An important feature of some models is the led feedback, an useful feature when the equipment in use is not in sight and we need to know if it received the command. For medium size areas minipannels are useful, as they create the possibility of multiple and complex commands, but without being able to display complex graphics areas.
Automatic control of the building is managed by a specialized server that communicates with all the controlling equipment from the building. The complexity of these devices offers automation solutions for almost any need occurred. You can create logical events (series of commands of various systems) conditioned by countless variables (time, weather, temperature, human presence etc.). Visualization and control possibilities that this solutions offer are virtually unlimited.