Lighting can significantly improve comfort in spaces where people live and work.



Shading Systems create a pleasant atmosphere and increase the efficiency of the cooling equipment in an intelligent way.



Conditioning systems control ensure energy costs reduction and an optimum comfort.



Integrated multimedia systems provide intuitive control interfaces for any user.



An intelligent building can be controlled just as easy remotely, with all functions available.

The concept of “INTELLIGENT BUIDING” is present in all our projects.

Our company promotes on the Romanian market equipment and systems for intelligent building control solutions using modern technologies and equipment.

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Intelligent building solutions

Whether it is a single-family home or an office building, the need for comfort and ease of use of the systems is continuously growing. At the same time, efficient use of energy is becoming more and more important. Our solution regarding these goals is the use of controlling systems based on the international standard KNX.

Lighting control

A suitable design of illumination depending on the type of the building and introducing automation functionalities can significantly improve comfort for those who live or work there.
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Shading systems control

An intelligent building provides the possibility of shading systems control in order to create the desired atmosphere but also to reduce the conditioninig costs.
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Conditioninig control

Conditioning systems management in modern buildings aims, apart from providing confort for inhabitants, energy consumption control.
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Audio/Video control

A modern house has integrated multimedia systems (audio/video), distributed in various areas, able to interact with each other.
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Remote control

Functionalities control can be performed remotely via the internet from a smartphone or tablet.
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Energy efficiency

Automation solutions ensure better control of the cost of utilities, enabling energy efficiency and environmental protection.
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Smart metering

The system generates graphs of consumption curves and some processes can be optimized to become more efficient.
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Security systems control

The security of a house or an office is an important issue. Often there is a confrontation between the shape of the security equipment and design needs of the building.
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Visualization and control systems

Visualization and control systems are the most important components of an intelligent building solutions.
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White goods

In a smart house appliances can be integrated into the automation system to enhance user comfort.
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Building automations enable control and energy efficiency.

An intelligent building implies not only modern and performant systems but also an interworking between the systems, an ability to respond in an integrated and flexible way to data and commands.

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Our partners


Touch panel Zennio Z70

Z70 the new customizable touch panel from Zennio

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Another novelty from Zennio launched this year is the Z70 customizable touch panel, with a 7 "color display, proximity sensor, internal temperature sensor and thermostat for two independent zones. It…
Actuator Smart Home Zennio ALLinBox

Smart Home Actuator ALLinBOX 88 – an ALL in ONE equipment

| Fără categorie | No Comments
ALLinBOX 88 is a multifunctional Smart Home actuator from Zennio, which can be the starting point for projects where you want to implement a KNX automation solution in an easy…

Remote Smart Home maintenance and service through Control4, Araknis & OvrC

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With Control4 and OvrC 95% of service and Smart Home maintenance problems are now solved remotely. Pakedge and Control4 are two US brands that together deliver a smart home: Control4…

Z40 the new Zennio touch panel

| Fără categorie | No Comments
One of the novelties from Zennio this year is Z40, a capacitive touch panel, with a 4.1" display, proximity sensor, in-built temperature sensor and two independent thermostats. It allows up…

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