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5 Easy ways to save energy with Control4

By Wednesday September 27th, 2017No Comments

Saving energy at home should not mean giving up comfort. It should not mean a change in lifestyle or an extra activity.

With an automation system at the helm of your house, you don’t need to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced to conserve energy, as the system is able to operate the lights, thermostats, and other power-hungry devices.

The system empowers you to easily save money off your monthly utility bill.

We propose five ways through which the Control4 automation system can increase energy efficiency:

1. All Off. 

No longer will you leave a light on, a curling iron heating up, or tv turned on as you leave the house. An “All Off” command can be issued from a keypad, touch screen, tablet or your smartphone to command automation system to sweep through the house to turn off and adjust devices as needed. The security system can be also programed to turn on “All Off” command when armed.

2. Curtain Call. 

Motorized shades, when automated, can close at certain times of the day or when a sensor notices a heavy amount of sunshine.

3. Stat Patrol (Heating automation).

Heating with automated system controls allows to be programmed articulated.

In addition, they can synchronize their operation with other electronic devices; for example, when the automation system commands the lights off during the evening, the thermostats automatically adjust to a lower value the temperature.

But with an automation system in charge, their built-in schedulers become easier to manipulate. Plus, you’ll be able to sync the stats with the operation of other electronic devices; for instance, when the automation system tells the lights to turn off; the thermostats can automatically set back too.

4. Spin Cycle.

Cooling system automation ensures significant energy savings. Air conditioning will work at certain times of the day so the cooling system will work more efficiently.

5. E-Motion.

Using motion sensor, you make sure lights are only on when people are actually in the room. Why waste energy lighting an unoccupied room? And we all know that kids – and some adults – have a physical inability to turn a light off when they leave a room.

For details about how Control4 can help save energy and money with your home utilities, you can contact us by mail: contact@amavys.ro.



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