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EA Controllers series (Entertainment & Automation)

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EA Controllers family from Control4 are the “heart” of the automation system of a modern building.

 The Entertainment & Automation characteristics of these controllers create a dynamic and modern place.

The three series EA-1, EA-3 and EA-5 are equipment for automations of high-performance with the audio technology’s special purpose for entertainment, and are a platform that may enhance all functionalities of a building (audio/video, lighting, conditioning, security).

EA-1 Control4 is designed to automate everything in a whole modern room.

With an advanced high-performance audio architecture, the new EA-3 Control4 is ideal to manage all of your music and TV content, and to control an entire small-to-mid-sized smart home.

EA-5 Control4 can handle hundreds of devices inside and outside terraces of home or office building: tv programs, streams of popular music services, decorative and architectural lighting, security systems, conditioning, video intercom, cameras, and more. All 3 controllers may be bundled to a Control4 SR-260 radio remote control with display, from which all the controls can be accessed.

With Control4 app, you can control your residence on your iOS and Android devices as well as on your computer.

For more details about Control4 products, here you can find, or contact us by e-mail:

Invisible Series of Sonance speakers

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Sonance Invisible Speakers is completely incorporated in the design of the room, providing  ambiental music in the „invisible” manner.

Sonance Invisible speakers offers to the interior designers what they have asked for a long time – keeping the aestethic interior designing- helping in the same time the audio system desygner to choose the speakers locations, concerning their performance criteria, not the „posibilities of mounting” criteria from the room.

Practically the Invisible series can really be mounted in the wall, without affecting the sound. The “cosmetic” advantage of them is the avoidance of what the architects call “wall acne”, reducing by this way the number of visible accessories from the wall or ceiling.

The speaker’s surface may be painted or even covered with thin textured layers  without affecting significantly the performance.

They dispose of a very good dispersion of 170˚, which allows large zones cover with less speakers.

The final result is a high quality speaker, hidden in the back of wall’s surface. 

More informations about  Sonance products you may find here and for more tehnical details you may contact us through mail:

Deseo’s new version HVAC control panel

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Deseo’s new version HVAC control panel

Basalte presents us the new version of Deseo controller for easy and direct HVAC controls!

Deseo combines elegant design with high-grade materials and innovative technology.

With the OLED user interface you can easily manage the set point, fan speed and temperature modes.

Deseo also has an integrated temperature sensor and thermostat logic.

A nice additional feature is the multitouch functionality to quickly turn the lights on and off, using a welcome and goodbye scene.

Deseo integrates with KNX, the international standard for home automation.
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Barthelme LED Solutions has developed a fully encapsulated plastic linear LED luminaire. As a result, the Nuremberg company offers a genuine alternative to conventional linear luminaires with metal housing.

The leading edge LED technology in the AQUALUC S:OLID is protected by a closely meshed polyurethane-ceramic encapsulation which shields it from its surroundings. The luminaire has a rating of IP 68 and can be operated permanently underwater.
Ceramic content in the polyurethane ensures efficient heat dissipation and a long lifetime of more than 60,000 hours. In addition, the linear luminaire has an impact test rating of IK 10 and is therefore highly robust.
The AQUALUC S:OLID has an evenly distributed light-emitting surface and is operated with 24 V. At 4,000 K the AQUALUC S:OLID achieves an extraordinarily high brightness of 1,343 lm/m at a typical power of only 34 Watt (17 W/m). With dimensions of 17.5 x 17.5 mm the luminaire is available in individual lengths of up to 2.90 m. Two luminaires can be installed head to head so that a continuous light line of almost 6 m can be realized.

The protective encapsulation provides resistance against salt water, chlorine, UV-radiation, abrasions and chemicals.

As with all products from Barthelme, the AQUALUC S:OLID is available in a range of standard colour temperatures: 2,800 K, 3,100 K, 4,000 K, 5,700 K and RGB.

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Z41COM is a new touch panel version from Z41 family, ccreated for a modern residence support.
Among the usual commands that it can manage (until 96 available functions), it also contain the video-interphone function.

By Z41COM help, you may set the ambiental temperature, the degree of shading, you may adjust the air conditioning, and you may facilitate the lighting from every room. You can open the acces in residence, and you can open the garage’s door.
You may control the functions above, right from your telephone, with Z41 mobile application, and you may receive notifications, if there are any gass loss, fire alarm, or danger of flooding in the bathroom.

The device enclose a color video camera and an integrated microphone, by which you may comunicate with the persons that rings at the gate. If there is any noice on the street, you can modify the intensity level of the sound even during the conversation.

More details about Zennio products you you may find here:, or you may contact us through

Z41 Pro

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Z41 PRO is a capacitive touch panel that is a must in controlling smart buildings.

With an easy and intuitive touch screen, the Z41 Pro helps you benefit from a simple and efficient interaction with all space commands.Integration functions and characteristics makes it the ideal solution for hotel rooms, offices or residential spaces. It brings in the same point the commands for air conditioning, lighting, blinds, audio / video, security, etc.

Enables direct control from smartphone with the free Z41 Remote application (App Store and Google Play), which can be controlled either within the space or outside the building via Internet.

The most principal characteristic:

  • 4.1inch color capacitive screen.
  • Interface for use with multiple preset themes and colors.
  • Full air conditioning management.
  • Integrated scenario lighting, climate control, shading, audio / video.
  • Integrated temperature sensor.
  • Two digital-analogue inputs for adjacent motion sensors, temperature.
  • Interfata Ethernet pentru update-uri si pentru controlul dispozitivului de la distanta.
  • Ethernet interface for updates and remote control.
  • Modern design, available in various colors (white / black / silver with custom frames in chrome / gold / silver).

Zennio – Square TMD

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Square TMD is a capacitive room controller with multifunction buttons. The possibility of customization makes it suitable for any space. Everyone can create unique compositions, by selecting images, icons, texts or logos. The customization is printed on a high-strength tempered glass with a polycarbonate frame. Square TMD allows selecting the function of each button and indicators shown in the display.

Arcus-eds – HVAC 305 sensors

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With the new series of KNX – HVAC 305 sensors, Arcus-eds managed to create compact units that solve multiple tasks in projects that require control of HVAC systems.
HVAC-305 is a range of KNX products (sensors/controllers), with integrated BCU, for measuring temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) concentrations. Different applications and configuration levels are available.

Zennio – Square TMD-Display

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Square TMD-Display is a capacitive room controller with 5 multifunction buttons and 1.8” backlighted display. It can be totally customizable to cause the desired aesthetic impression in any ambience.

Everyone can create unique compositions, which could include images, icons, texts or logos. This customization is printed on a high-strength tempered glass with a polycarbonate frame to finish off the author’s work. Square TMD-Display allows selecting the function of each button and indicators shown in the display.

Basalte – Eve Air si Eve mini

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Since Apple released their updates for iPad and iPad mini, Basalt ensured that its Eve frames will be compatible with these new tablets and released Eve Air si Eve mini.
Eve is an stylish and refined iPad frame. Because nowadays more and more smart home systems are controlled by iPad, Eve is the perfect solution to install the iPad on the wall with style. Eve has a simple design and is easy to install and use.