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Minibox series

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Zennio added to its catalog of solutions the new KNX multifunction actuators MINIBOX 45, MINIBOX 25, MINIBOX QUATRO.

These devices can control multiple types of actuators: blinds, lighting, air conditioning, etc.

MINIBOX 45 (REF: ZIO-MN45) and MINIBOX 25 (REF: ZIO-MN25) are KNX multifunction actuators for DIN rail (2 units) of 4 outputs and 2 outputs respectively with 5 analog-digital inputs.

In addition to its commands, its multifunction binary inputs are used for sensors and potential-free buttons (such as temperature probe inputs or motion sensor inputs) as well as room thermostats for controlling heating / cooling systems.

MINIBOX QUATRO (REF: ZIO-MN40) is a KNX multifunction actuator for DIN rail (2 units) with 4 outputs 1 that in addition of previous configurations, it offers 2-pipe fan coil controller whose function is included as standard on the device.

In addition, by combining these devices with Z41 PRO touch screen, the user can enjoy the benefits of push notifications included in the Z41 PRO through the free application Z41 Remote for iOS and Android, and act remotely from smartphones and tablets in real-time on the configured systems.

The three multifunctional solutions allow the system integrators to have great flexibility when configuring automation solutions.

For details about Minibox series from Zennio, you can write us by email: or contact us at tel. 0744.391.390.

5 Easy ways to save energy with Control4

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Saving energy at home should not mean giving up comfort. It should not mean a change in lifestyle or an extra activity.

With an automation system at the helm of your house, you don’t need to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced to conserve energy, as the system is able to operate the lights, thermostats, and other power-hungry devices.

The system empowers you to easily save money off your monthly utility bill.

We propose five ways through which the Control4 automation system can increase energy efficiency:

1. All Off. 

No longer will you leave a light on, a curling iron heating up, or tv turned on as you leave the house. An “All Off” command can be issued from a keypad, touch screen, tablet or your smartphone to command automation system to sweep through the house to turn off and adjust devices as needed. The security system can be also programed to turn on “All Off” command when armed.

2. Curtain Call. 

Motorized shades, when automated, can close at certain times of the day or when a sensor notices a heavy amount of sunshine.

3. Stat Patrol (Heating automation).

Heating with automated system controls allows to be programmed articulated.

In addition, they can synchronize their operation with other electronic devices; for example, when the automation system commands the lights off during the evening, the thermostats automatically adjust to a lower value the temperature.

But with an automation system in charge, their built-in schedulers become easier to manipulate. Plus, you’ll be able to sync the stats with the operation of other electronic devices; for instance, when the automation system tells the lights to turn off; the thermostats can automatically set back too.

4. Spin Cycle.

Cooling system automation ensures significant energy savings. Air conditioning will work at certain times of the day so the cooling system will work more efficiently.

5. E-Motion.

Using motion sensor, you make sure lights are only on when people are actually in the room. Why waste energy lighting an unoccupied room? And we all know that kids – and some adults – have a physical inability to turn a light off when they leave a room.

For details about how Control4 can help save energy and money with your home utilities, you can contact us by mail:



Zennio IRSC interface

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Zennio IRSC interface allows controlling air conditioning systems (split type) with infrared receivers without being necessary its original remote controller.

IRSC controls the main functionalities of air conditioning system (on/off, temperature setting, functionsing mode, fan speed) combines the following features in the same device:

It is compatible with over 300 AC units from different manufacturers (Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc.).

The device can manage split units and also air conditioning equipment with several climate zones.

For details about IRSC interface from Zennio, you can write us by email: or contact us at tel. 0744.391.390.

SONAMP DSP Amplifiers

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DSP amplifiers are built to be smaller and yet stronger than the classic SONAMP models.

The amplifier construction is made with a “power density” that allows the insertion of 130W or 150W into a single 1U rack space, while maintaining an energy efficiency of 93%.

The base of each DSP amplifier is a 24-bit / 96k DAC capable of supporting 4608 kbps audio formats.

The new line of SONAMP DSP amplifiers allows listeners to enjoy great audio clarity and the output of any audio passages from MP3 to high-resolution audio.

There are 3 DSP models 2-150, DSP 8-130MKI, DSP 2-750.

The amplifiers are fully controllable by IP and IR communication.

They are rated and certified at 8 and 4 ohms but are stable up to 2 ohms.

They have convection cooling, with a fan-free design that allows direct seating / stacking without space for even greater power density.

The DSP 2-750 power model has a variable speed fan.

Sonamp DSP amplifiers prepare your audio system for what’s next!

For more details about Sonamp DSP Amplifiers from Sonance, you can visit our site: or you can contact us by mail:

Void the Lithoss manual USB switch

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The latest addition to the Lithoss range, is the VOID, USB and European standard switch, with quality, round or square frames.

The USB socket deserves special attention because it combines a 2A quick power plug with Illume color illumination.

The Lithoss USB charger is easy to install as any standard European wall switch with direct connection to 230V.

Moreover, the Lithoss USB Charger has a LED indicator so you can always see the status of the charging process.

VOID range became a must for smart homes.

For more details about the handmade equipments of LITHOSS producer, you may visit our website or you may write on mail:

Arcus balance lighting lamp alimented by KNX bus (KNXLED2 AND KNXLED4RGB)

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If you need a balance lamp and you have a bus KNX in your zone you may install an Arcus LED Lamp.

KNX LED is a balance lighting lamp powered and directly controlled directly by the KNX Bus (which does not require an external power supply).

It is used for a professional lighting marker to control access to conference and spectacle rooms, hotel rooms, restaurants, halls and home stairs, etc.

The color temperature of the light can be warm or cold white, but also RGB (with its two versions KNXLED2 and KNXLED4RGB). It is possible to change the color temperature of the light in distinct individual tones or to let it on the natural daylight type.

The background light emitted is diffused and calm, with a wide coverage area.

It can be found in three variants: the spherical and semispherical lamp and the flat lamp (the latter being available for RGB LEDs). Flat and compact design allows space-saving integration.

Parameters and configurations can be further optimized and adjusted by KNX communication.

More details about Arcus-eds products you may find here: , or you may contact us through mail:



Dalibox 64/32 Interface from Zennio

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The new KNX interface of command and Dali control for lighting, allows the control, tuning and monitoring of up to 64 ballasts of lighting objects, associated with up to 32 lighting lamp groups.

Using the 1.54 ” screen, you can easily track manual configuration (ballast address assignment, group ballast assignment, manual control – start, stop and adjustment).

The new interface module also includes error indicators – independent for each ballast.

The interface it can be configurable with the support of KNX soft, but manually also without the need for plug-ins via ETS, directly on the device screen, avoiding any dependence on external programs and plugin updates, and facilitating quick installation and configuration, which is helpful for KNX installers and integrators.

The DALIBOX 64/32 interface thus becomes a very versatile device perfectly suited to real demands, allowing professionals to save time and money.

More details about Zennio products can be found here:, or you may contact us by mail:

The new Silent Gliss Curve Snake Wave track system

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Snake Wave’s new track system from Silent Gliss will preserve the elegance of the interior decor.

The system moves curtains quietly and smooth along its curved lines.

It is a combination of Swiss premium sewing techniques and precision engineering that made a truly innovative result, ideal for a modern space.

It is available in two versions (Silent Gliss 6465 –square modern profile and Silent Gliss 1060 – V elegant profile) with over 20 original Silent Gliss textiles.

For more details about Silent Gliss products, please visit, or contact us at:


Maior Flip900 – Motorized ceiling retractable arm for TVs

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Maior Company produces a retractable motorized arm in the ceiling for TVs. It can be easily integrated into the home automation system.

Major Flip900 along with the TV, rises up to align with the ceiling entering in a niche dimensioned to the size of the screen.

The retractable motorized arm has an electronic unit that provides silent and automatic start and shut-off. It can be controlled using its own remote control or an automation system.

On a received signal, the TV automatically descends from the ceiling by turning from horizontal to vertical. When it is down, the user can rotate it manually around the vertical axis up to 360 degrees to direct it toward viewers.

It can support a TV with a diagonal of 50 to 70 inches.

The Maior Flip900 is available in two colors – matte white and matte black. Power cables and TV signals are hidden in the motorized arm structure.

More details about Major equipment can be found here: or you can contact us at mail address .

Presentia C – the new KNX motion detector with luminosity sensor from Zennio

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Presentia C is the new KNX motion detector with luminosity sensor from Zennio
Zennio adds on its list of solutions the new sensor Presentia C, which detects the motion, measures the level of brightness from a space, and signals the presence of a person in the monitored space.

It is designed for an easy installation in the ceiling, using built-in accessories for buried or surface mounting.
The device has a wide detection range with an angle of 3600 and a radius of up to 30 meters.

The main characteristics of motion detector Presentia C:

– Detecting a person’s presence in space uses an algorithm that allows, through an analysis of multiple sensors, to identify whether a particular space is occupied by a person; regardless of whether the person actually moves into the room or not.
– Constant control of the level of illumination in the monitored space by sending the KNX controls to the control modules, that act on the luminaires in the room so that the level of ambient light stays constant.
– Set different brightness reference values, daylight and nighttime mode, and turn motion indicator LEDs on or off.

– 10 customizable, multi-function logic functions

– Notification of good functioning

The Master / Slave configuration allows the use of more detectors for larger spaces.

The result is an effective presence detector combined with a brightness sensor that meets the most demanding installation criteria.

For more details about Zennio products you can find here or contact us at