An automation solution that intends to define a building as “smart” is focused on the quality of life of the people who are living there.

Control4 gives you a complete range of automation solutions to help you increase your comfort and reduce your energy consumption.

The air / light / temperature is optimally controlled for an intimate indoor climate. You can automate the audio and video system in every room so you can have a dynamic atmosphere.

With the Control4 mobile app for iOS and Android, the devices can also be controlled when you’re away from home. You can monitor video surveillance, arm / disarm security system, activate the opening of the gate when a courier comes; you receive the necessary alerts in a timely manner, and you have the opportunity to react quickly.

For any details, technical curiosities about a smart building, or if you have the intention of developing a personal project by choosing Control4 solutions, we can help you with all the information we know.