Audio/Video Control

A modern house has integrated multimedia systems (audio/video), distributed on different areas, able to interact with each other.

A “multizone” audio system offers the possibility of listening your favorite music no matter where you are in the house, without having to take with you your CD player or Ipod. Such a system has the ability to use and control multiple sources of music, for any of the building areas. Each of these areas can be programmed to play independently or together, the sound on various audio sources (FM tuner, CD player, DVD player, TV, Ipod, Media Server, Internet Radio).

Surround home cinema systems realistically introduce you in the atmosphere of the movies. Designing a modern living room must take these functionalities into account. Speakers location and distances between them and the listener must be precisely defined to ensure optimum listening. Often these “technical” conditions significantly change the configuration of the furniture in the room. HD Television and lately the 3D movies available on new projectors allow an unique experience.

In office buildings the classical function of public address can be converted into “ambient sound” improving the atmosphere for those who work.
The control interface of the audio and video systems is the same as the one of other functions of the house. With a single touch you can start the music, the light changes into an “atmosphere” scene, the curtains go down and the air conditioning system calms down for audition.