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SONAMP DSP Amplifiers

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DSP amplifiers are built to be smaller and yet stronger than the classic SONAMP models.

The amplifier construction is made with a “power density” that allows the insertion of 130W or 150W into a single 1U rack space, while maintaining an energy efficiency of 93%.

The base of each DSP amplifier is a 24-bit / 96k DAC capable of supporting 4608 kbps audio formats.

The new line of SONAMP DSP amplifiers allows listeners to enjoy great audio clarity and the output of any audio passages from MP3 to high-resolution audio.

There are 3 DSP models 2-150, DSP 8-130MKI, DSP 2-750.

The amplifiers are fully controllable by IP and IR communication.

They are rated and certified at 8 and 4 ohms but are stable up to 2 ohms.

They have convection cooling, with a fan-free design that allows direct seating / stacking without space for even greater power density.

The DSP 2-750 power model has a variable speed fan.

Sonamp DSP amplifiers prepare your audio system for what’s next!

For more details about Sonamp DSP Amplifiers from Sonance, you can visit our site: https://amavys.ro/sonance-2/ or you can contact us by mail: contact@amavys.ro.

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