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Dalibox 64/32 Interface from Zennio

By Friday August 4th, 2017No Comments

The new KNX interface of command and Dali control for lighting, allows the control, tuning and monitoring of up to 64 ballasts of lighting objects, associated with up to 32 lighting lamp groups.

Using the 1.54 ” screen, you can easily track manual configuration (ballast address assignment, group ballast assignment, manual control – start, stop and adjustment).

The new interface module also includes error indicators – independent for each ballast.

The interface it can be configurable with the support of KNX soft, but manually also without the need for plug-ins via ETS, directly on the device screen, avoiding any dependence on external programs and plugin updates, and facilitating quick installation and configuration, which is helpful for KNX installers and integrators.

The DALIBOX 64/32 interface thus becomes a very versatile device perfectly suited to real demands, allowing professionals to save time and money.

More details about Zennio products can be found here: https://amavys.ro/zennio/, or you may contact us by mail: contact@amavys.ro

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