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Maior Flip900 – Motorized ceiling retractable arm for TVs

By Tuesday July 18th, 2017October 5th, 2017No Comments

Maior Company produces a retractable motorized arm in the ceiling for TVs. It can be easily integrated into the home automation system.

Major Flip900 along with the TV, rises up to align with the ceiling entering in a niche dimensioned to the size of the screen.

The retractable motorized arm has an electronic unit that provides silent and automatic start and shut-off. It can be controlled using its own remote control or an automation system.

On a received signal, the TV automatically descends from the ceiling by turning from horizontal to vertical. When it is down, the user can rotate it manually around the vertical axis up to 360 degrees to direct it toward viewers.

It can support a TV with a diagonal of 50 to 70 inches.

The Maior Flip900 is available in two colors – matte white and matte black. Power cables and TV signals are hidden in the motorized arm structure.

More details about Major equipment can be found here:  https://amavys.ro/maior/ or you can contact us at mail address contact@amavys.ro .

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