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Invisible Series of Sonance speakers

By Friday June 23rd, 2017No Comments

Sonance Invisible Speakers is completely incorporated in the design of the room, providing  ambiental music in the „invisible” manner.

Sonance Invisible speakers offers to the interior designers what they have asked for a long time – keeping the aestethic interior designing- helping in the same time the audio system desygner to choose the speakers locations, concerning their performance criteria, not the „posibilities of mounting” criteria from the room.

Practically the Invisible series can really be mounted in the wall, without affecting the sound. The “cosmetic” advantage of them is the avoidance of what the architects call “wall acne”, reducing by this way the number of visible accessories from the wall or ceiling.

The speaker’s surface may be painted or even covered with thin textured layers  without affecting significantly the performance.

They dispose of a very good dispersion of 170˚, which allows large zones cover with less speakers.

The final result is a high quality speaker, hidden in the back of wall’s surface. 

More informations about  Sonance products you may find here and for more tehnical details you may contact us through mail: contact@amavys.ro

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