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Minibox series

By Monday October 9th, 2017October 18th, 2017No Comments

Zennio added to its catalog of solutions the new KNX multifunction actuators MINIBOX 45, MINIBOX 25, MINIBOX QUATRO.

These devices can control multiple types of actuators: blinds, lighting, air conditioning, etc.

MINIBOX 45 (REF: ZIO-MN45) and MINIBOX 25 (REF: ZIO-MN25) are KNX multifunction actuators for DIN rail (2 units) of 4 outputs and 2 outputs respectively with 5 analog-digital inputs.

In addition to its commands, its multifunction binary inputs are used for sensors and potential-free buttons (such as temperature probe inputs or motion sensor inputs) as well as room thermostats for controlling heating / cooling systems.

MINIBOX QUATRO (REF: ZIO-MN40) is a KNX multifunction actuator for DIN rail (2 units) with 4 outputs 1 that in addition of previous configurations, it offers 2-pipe fan coil controller whose function is included as standard on the device.

In addition, by combining these devices with Z41 PRO touch screen, the user can enjoy the benefits of push notifications included in the Z41 PRO through the free application Z41 Remote for iOS and Android, and act remotely from smartphones and tablets in real-time on the configured systems.

The three multifunctional solutions allow the system integrators to have great flexibility when configuring automation solutions.

For details about Minibox series from Zennio, you can write us by email: contact@amavys.ro or contact us at tel. 0744.391.390.

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