ISINAC is a Spanish manufacturer of sound insulation panels with a modern design that integrates easily in any space. The acoustic solutions which they propose are ideal for office spaces, educational centers, gyms, hotels and restaurants.
Out of passion for creation and innovation, ISINAC has created acoustic solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The purpose of soundproofing panels is to improve the people’s quality of life through the creation of spaces that facilitate and optimize the interaction between them.

The mainstays of ISINAC are:

Innovation. Experiment with new materials and industrial technologies that allow to obtain a better product with low impact on the environment To achieve this goal, they invest an increased amount of time and resources in the Innovation and Development department.

Design. They look for solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, without reducing the acoustic characteristics of the product. The objective is to answer in an effective way to the new aesthetic concepts created by architects, designers, engineers and builders. All this to provide a 100% satisfying customer experience.

Low environmental impact. The products comply with European regulations directed to protect the environment. The responsibility to protect the planet is an essential requirement, which is reflected both in the production process and in the materials used.

Safety. To be safe for users, the products are fire resistant in grades which go from B-S2-DO to A2-S1-DO and allergens free, complying with the normative OEKO-TEX standard 10.

Increasing the quality of life. The objective is to create spaces that allow to increase the quality of life of individuals. Reducing reverberations means a considerable decrease in the level of stress as well as the prevention of possible diseases of the auditory system. In addition, communication between people is improved, as a result of being able to receive or send a clear message, eliminating sounds that can mask it.

Amavys Project is a ISINAC representative in Romania. If you want more information about the products or you want consulting for choosing the right solution, we invite you to contact us!