KNX course in Romania by Amavys Project

Our company, AMAVYS PROJECT SRL, an official partner of KNX Association, has opened its first KNX Training Center in Romania. The main objective is learning the fundamental concepts of intelligent building control systems based on the European KNX standard and familiarization with programming techniques with the ETS software.

The Training Center is officially certified by the KNX Association from Brussels for the KNX Basic Course.

The KNX Basic Course is addressed to engineers that practice in the design or execution of electrical installations of low or strong voltage currents in buildings, to technicians and electricians in the electrical and electronic field.

The KNX course will be presented in Romanian language and the specific technical documentation will be in English. To cover the technical documentation for the course, a basic knowledge of English (technical) is necessary.

The duration of the course is 4 days, 8 hours a day. On the last day, the theoretical and practical exam will be performed, which will allow basic level certification in KNX standard.
The theoretical part is taught in Romanian and will be followed by the practical part, which will be done on didactic training kits equipment, specially designed and certified by the KNX Association.

Avantages of the KNX Basic course:

  • Graduates receive a certificate recognized by the KNX Association in Brussels and are listed on the official website
  • When receiving the KNX Partner Certificate, graduates also receive a free license for ETS Lite (file type)
  • A voucher of 12% will be given at the purchase of ETS Professional application (the only software tool produced and distributed by the KNX Association, required to design and configure intelligent building control installations with the KNX system)
  • This cost of the training is considerably lower compared to the one outside Romania.
  • The Training Center is certified by the KNX Association.

For additional information and support please contact us at phone number 0744.789.788 or by e-mail at – Eng. Sorin Mitrache