The residence in Floreasca is a hundred years old house, completely restored by the owners. The beneficiary, an architect by profession, wanted to bring to life an old building, with no personality and to adapt it to the style and needs of her family. Choosing the latest materials, solutions and equipment, she managed to transform the house into a modern and comfortable home.

The home is not only modernized in terms of architecture, but also through integrated systems, which make it a “smart home”, which easily meets all the requirements of the owners and evolves with them. The requirement was to control the lighting, the shading systems and the heating and cooling systems.

All functions can be accessed both indoors and remotely, from a smartphone or a tablet. In the house we have smart switches and touch screens mounted on the walls. These keypads and touch panels, from the Spanish manufacturer Zennio, are very easy to use and, in addition, have the advantage of having a modern, minimalist design, which integrates into any architecture, thus satisfying the aesthetic requirements of the beneficiary.

The lighting can be controlled individually or various scenarios can be created based on the activity in the room. The lighting fixtures are chosen according to the specifics of each room, in order to ensure both an optimal intelligent lighting and a contemporary look. LED solutions from Barthelme Germany were used, for low energy consumption and special visual appearance.

Shading systems are also automated and can be controlled locally or remotely or can be operated automatically, according to a predefined scenario, to help create the desired atmosphere.

The temperature in each room can be set manually or can be adjusted automatically, based on the time or the presence of people in the room, correlated with the outside temperature. Another wish of the owner was that the residence to be not only a “smart” house, but also a “green”, energy efficient house. The automation system ensures, in addition to comfort, a control over energy consumption.

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