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Remote Smart Home maintenance and service through Control4, Araknis & OvrC

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Remote Smart Home maintenance and service through Control4, Araknis & OvrC

With Control4 and OvrC 95% of service and Smart Home maintenance problems are now solved remotely.

Pakedge and Control4 are two US brands that together deliver a smart home: Control4 offers the user interface, while Pakedge offers the hardware that creates the “Smart” solutions.

Not only in times of pandemic there are hesitations when you have to let strangers into your home, even if it is about professionals who come to solve a problem. In addition to the fact that strangers have to enter our private area, there is also the problem of time, meaning that you have to coordinate their availability with your meetings and personal appoiments, which can be a real challenge. Now these things can be avoided by installing a Smart-Home system, through which, up to 95% of the service and maintenance problems of the owners of these types of “smart” houses, can be solved by the system integrator via software, even remotely, via the Internet, when a proper configuration is set.

Smart Home maintenance through Control4 & OvrC


Since the merger of Control4 with Snap-AV in 2019, integrators have managed to offer their customers such a solution, thus coming up with better, safe and reliable services that answer all questions related to the installed Smart-Home system.

With the merger it became clear that the OvrC remote monitoring system (you can read “oversee”, wiich would mean “surveillance”) could take Control4’s Smart Home systems to a new level.

The necessary bridge technology was also provided in the joint world of Control4 and SnapAV: with OvrC Pro Hub and compatible OvrC network components from Araknis. Thus, smart home system integrators can lead their customers in a “One Stop-Shop”. Using the software interface to connect the OvrC platform, through the Pakedge network equipment, to the hardware of the Control4 smart home controllers, installed in homes, the remote service and Smart Home maintenance solution is provided.

Unlike other solutions on the market, in which, for the integrator, each individual client represents a new project connected to a subscription, which must be invoiced accordingly, OvrC costs for both integrators and building owners are managed and calculated transparently Instead of paying individually for each service, you can use OvrC and Control4 to choose cost-effective service and maintenance packages so you can truly enjoy life in a smart home.

Most smart home owners opt for maintenance services only for the most important systems installed in the home. The owners want to enjoy the comfort offered by the smart home without worrying about service in case of a problem.

The integrator can solve this remotely and can recognize problems before they lead to usage difficulties, and thus the beneficiaries of smart home systems are extremely satisfied. The programming that must be made in a short period or the modifications in functionalities, all situations of this kind are solved with a remote maintenance system.

For more details about the equipment you can write to us by email: or you can contact us at the phone number: 0744.702.060.

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