Smart Home - Amavys ProjectThe smart home or intelligent building is the core of our projects. We offer customers complete and specialized solutions for building management system, smart home automation, touch equipment and interfaces, remote control for video surveillance, smart lighting, smart curtains and smart blinds, smart metering, home cinema and specialized consulting for all this equipment and systems.

The main role of designing and purchasing a smart home is to increase the comfort of the users of that space, increase their quality of life through safety and comfort, but also to save the energy consumed by the smart building. By the fact that in the smart home systems you can integrate equipment and renewable energy systems from where the necessary electricity consumption can be supplied, the smart home thus becomes environmentally friendly and eco friendly.

The smart home is already becoming a current issue and will certainly revolutionize in the shortest time the way we look at the spaces in which we live or work, giving us the opportunity to gain more personal time by combining technology with everyday tasks.

The investment for a smart home must be planned very carefully because sometimes going back to the system already created and adding other functionalities can be a much more expensive issue than if they had been purchased from the beginning.

Unlike the simple construction of a house where not all builders are qualified in the field, a smart home system should be designed and executed only by qualified engineers for such systems because the necessary complexity and rigor are not possible to offer by some amateurs.

Below, we present some of the projects executed by our company and practically, some examples of smart homes to inspire you.

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