Smart home – about our projects

Our company promotes on the Romanian market equipment and systems for intelligent control solutions for the smart home, using modern technologies and equipment.

The concept of “SMART HOME” or “INTELLIGENT BUILDING” is present in all of our projects. We try to make these principles and functionalities known on the Romanian market.

We represent on the national market both manufacturers of equipment for controlling solutions and also manufacturers of electrical equipment for building design solutions. Apart from our business with design and distribution of solutions for home and building control, we have also developed the activity of consultancy and project management for buildings where the concepts of “Building Management System” and “green-buildings” are desired.

In the projects that we have developed we have promoted the principles of energy efficiency, usage of renewable energy sources and exploitation of buildings with a minimum impact on the environment. These goals require to be taken into consideration from the early stage of project design. In the solutions that we have promoted we have focused on meeting the security needs of the building by video surveillance systems, intrusion protection, fire protection and also secure communications of data and voice.

We have a very good collaboration with manufacturers of KNX ( controlling equipment from the European region. We attend training courses and exhibitions in order to be up to date with the new technologies and to forward this information to our partners in Romania. For complex projects, along with our engineers and technicians, specialist from companies producing equipment and solutions may participate.

Our solutions increase the comfort of using these spaces, allow much better control utility costs and ensure their administration in a flexible manner, even from a distance by remote management. The return on investment will be made in a short time and any changes in functionalities only require software reprogramming.

The quality of the promoted equipment and the support provided by our suppliers allow us to have a close collaboration with the system integrators and to be able to support them starting from the design phase up to the commissioning of the systems.