Zennio offers modern, functional and customized automation solutions, specially developed for homes, buildings and hotels, under the KNX standard. The objective of the Spanish manufacturer is to considerably transform these buildings into intelligent spaces and to increase the comfort and well-being of the users.

It is the passion for innovation that influences Zennio in creating its products. The products have a revolutionary design and are made of high quality materials with special finishes. Last but not least, the equipment has outstanding technical functionality and is easy to use.

Zennio’s product portfolio includes touch panels, LED lighting, climate, sensors, interfaces, actuators and energy saving devices. The equipment is successfully installed in outstanding projects around the world.

Zennio offers solutions for:

  • Hotels – specialist in hotel technology. Hotel guests appreciate, in addition to the classic concepts, the technology put at their disposal to improve their comfort and ease of interacting with the accommodation. With the help of custom touch panels and keypads, which aesthetically complete the space, or even with their own smartphones, guests can enjoy, among other things, the control of lighting, climate, access systems and audio-video equipment. Thus, one of the main discontent turns into a competitive advantage. This goal can be achieved with zero costs due to the fast return of investment.
  • Rezidential – the ideal solution for a smart home. With Zennio you can have control of all home automation functions from a single reliable, robust system, tested in installations around the world. Directly coordinates lighting, climate, blinds, audio-video equipment, air quality, security systems and communication with them, including video intercom. The system monitors the home and warns the owner in case of risk such as gas, smoke, fire, flood or intrusion. You can use your own smartphone or tablet as a remote control both inside and outside the home.
  • Commercial buildings – a genuine BMS (Building Management System) solution. For commercial buildings, it provides integrated lighting management, HVAC management, integrated access control, measurement and management of electricity, hot water, cold water and gas consumption.

Amavys Project is the representative of Zennio in Romania. We offer automation solutions for homes, buildings and hotels depending on customer needs. We can help you to implement automation solutions in your projects, by consulting, support and the equipment you need.