Elsner Elektronik is a German company specializing in control systems and sensors for smart buildings.

The company is specialized in control systems and sensors for buildings since 1990. Well-trained staff and advanced production technology guarantee a continuously high quality standard.

Elsner Elektronik offers complete systems for the control of the ambient climate in buildings and individual components for different data interfaces (KNX, RS485, Modbus). The product range includes: central operating devices, meteorological and indoor sensors, actuators or system devices. All products are developed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Ostelsheim.

The German manufacturer combines flexible technical solutions, functionality, comfort and a modern design. The design invariably includes a strong emotional aspect. Shape, surfaces and materials play a key role, especially in the case of control systems inside a building. The numerous awards with which its products have been rewarded show that Elsner Elektronik is on the right track in this regard.

For Elsner Elektronik, design also means offering practical products. For example, touch panels have been designed according to evolutionary and biological discoveries. Integrated installations and the use of plug-in terminals, on the other hand, are details that simplify the work for installers.

Our company, Amavys Project, is a representative of Elsner Elektronik in Romania. If you want to find out more information about the products, we invite you to contact us! We can help you to implement automation solutions in your projects, by consulting, support and the equipment you need.