Embedded Systems is a Latvian company specializing in the development of logic and visualization equipment for intelligent building control systems. The company was founded in 1998 in Riga, Latvia and is a shareholder of the KNX Association. All their equipment is developed and manufactured in Latvia.

The needs to make the conditional processes between the functionalities of the buildings and their visualization in real time are made by servers. In a building there are multiple types of equipment that use different communication protocols. The automation server can ensure their intercommunication. LogicMachine servers from Embedded Systems enable logical scenarios and facilitate the interaction between equipment.

Logic Machine is a KNX server with unlimited possibilities. With it you can manage a smart home. You can control lighting, temperature, shading systems and other smart home systems installed from wherever you are, via the Internet.

The KNX Logic Machine server can work with other protocols such as BacNet, ModBus, CANx, DALI, without the need for additional equipment.

Amavys Project is a representative of Embedded Systems in Romania. If you want more details about the equipment or you want consulting for choosing an automation solution that suits you, we invite you to a discussion! You can contact us at the e-mail address: contact@amavys.ro or at the telephone number: 0744.702.060.