Smart Home control la distanta iluminat

Smart lighting

Intelligent lighting makes power consumption more efficient and extends the lifetime of light sources. Such a system increases the quality of life and the value of a building and an appropiate design of lighting depending on the type of building and the introduction of “automation” features can significantly improve the comfort of those who live or work there. In addition to the practical and energy-saving aspect of smart lighting, it is able to create a unique atmosphere compared to classic lighting and can even have therapeutic effects in the environment and can create a state of well-being if properly designed and configured with suitable light sources.

Smart control of lighting can ensure from simple switching on and off a light bulb to complex control (turn off, switch on, brightness variation, switching between various scenes of lights) of building lighting. Commands can be given by a single touch of a keypad or touchscreen but also automatically by the system depending on the outdoor illumination. Thus, you can create local scenes (for a single room) or general (for the whole building), general routines controlled by a central server linked to a predefined agenda.

Automatic functions are also very important, they automatically illuminate the facade, the interior courtyard and certain interior routes of the buiding when it is getting dark. For houses, the smart lighting system can store commands from the last period and can automatically play them back when you are away on holiday, to simulate presence in the house.

LED lighting solutions meet the needs for energy efficiency and provide a touch of originality to lightig. The systems and solutions that we promote offer virtually unlimited possibilities in creating the right atmosphere, which you need in any energy efficient building or passive house.

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