Basalte creates unique experiences for smart home users. The Belgian company has built in just a few years a range of products that is now distributed in over 50 countries around the world.

Automation systems are often designed from a technical point of view, very complex but most often difficult to use. Basalte wants to solve this problem and thus, in designing its products it also aims an emotional connection with the user.

Basalte aims to bring design and technology together. Thus, it creates a space in which people feel comfortable and are satisfied both with the control facilities they have and with the way in which everything in the house blends harmoniously from an aesthetic point of view.

Focusing on the essence of the products, Basalte manages to make timeless products that are both elegant and easy to use. The smart switches have a special design and are made of high quality materials.

The Belgian manufacturer constantly strives for innovation and quality. Ease of use combined with high quality and unique design are key elements that make the company stand out on the international market.

Our company is a Basalte representative in Romania. We offer consulting, support and the equipment you need to implement the automation solutions that suit you.