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Arcus-Eds light beacon

By 11 August 2017September 9th, 2021No Comments
Beacon lamp Arcus-Eds

KNX bus-powered beacon lamp (KNXLED2 AND KNXLED4RGB)

If you need a beacon light and you have a KNX bus in your zone you can install an Arcus-Eds LED Lamp.

KNX-LED is a beacon lamp powered and directly controlled by the KNX Bus (which does not require an external power supply).

It is used for a professional lighting marker to control access to conference and spectacle rooms, hotel rooms, restaurants, halls and home stairs, etc. etc..

The color temperature of the light can be warm or cold white, but also RGB (with its two versions KNXLED2 and KNXLED4RGB). It is possible to change the color temperature of the light in distinct individual tones or to let it on natural daylight.

The background light emitted is diffused and calm, with a wide coverage area.

It can be found in three options: the spherical and semispherical lamp and the flat lamp. Flat and compact design allows space-saving integration.

The operating and lighting parameters can be optimized and adjusted directly from the KNX system programming of the building.

For details about Arcus-Eds equipment you can write to us by email: or you can contact us at the phone number: 0744.702.060.

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