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Room controller Square TMD-Display

By 8 July 2015September 9th, 2021No Comments
Room controller Square TMD-Display from Zennio

Square TMD-Display room controller from Zennio has 5 multifunctional capacitive buttons and a 4.5 cm illuminated display.

It can be completely customizable to fit aesthetically in any space. You can create unique compositions, which include images, icons, texts or logos. This composition is printed on a high-strength tempered glass with a polycarbonate frame that completes the creator’s work.

On Square TMD-Display you can select functions for each button and indicator displayed on the screen.

For more information about the Square TMD-Display room controller or other Zennio products, you can write to us by email, at: or you can contact us at the phone number: 0744.702.060.

You can also find more details about smart home equipment on Zennio website.

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