KNX – Control and energy efficiency

Knx control and energy efficiencyAn intelligent building implies not only modern and performant systems but also an interworking between the systems, an ability to respond in an integrated and flexible way to data and commands. The elements that form the automation system must communicate through a common language to provide the user the comfort and security he needs. The KNX standard offers an integrated platform that allows the grouping of different utilities in order to obtain solutions that are flexible, energy efficient, easy to plan, to install and to operate.

Building management system is a computerized control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the mechanical and electrical equipment of the building, such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems and security systems.

For the specialized staff who want to obtain a KNX certification, you can find more details on the page dedicated to KNX courses organized by our company.

The equipment that helps us to implement the system of a smart home is very complex and must be designed in the installation, with ability and responsibility so that the user can benefit from a fair and pleasant experience in relation to the smart building.

These equipments that form the system of an intelligent building are cataloged in 3 main categories: field elements, panel equipment and interconnection equipment.

Each of these 3 categories also has the related subcategories, according to the classification below.

Each element of the subcategory is detailed and explained on the page related to the 3 main categories.

The Amavys Project team works only with well-known smart home brands, which have proven their reliability and performance in all the projects we have executed.

Because each work is unique, we come to your aid by offering you initial advice to understand the needs and expectations you have of the project you want, so that the final result is exactly as you imagined.