Smart Home control la distanta

Control from a distance or Remote control

Remote control from the phoneThe smart building has many advantages, but one of the most important is that you can have remote control from anywhere via the Internet. Thus, from the computer at work or directly from the smartphone you can check the status at home and you can take action if you notice something wrong.

Having remote control for the building or smart home you own is an element of comfort, with a very great practical utility.

Remote management is a notion that covers all aspects that are involved in remote control. We must consider the equipment that allows us to do this, but also the software we interact with to make adjustments and keep track of the elements from the environment.

In order for the smart building user experience to be as expected, and for him to be able to communicate from anywhere with the building, we use quality equipment from reliable manufacturers. They also offer remote control applications, such as Control4 or Zennio. From the application you can have control over the house as you have from a touch panel installed in the house.

The remote control offers the beneficiary the possibility to control all the aspects related to the environment and the installed automations. Remote management helps the beneficiary to monitor and adjust the temperatures in every room, to check if the music is turned on in a room, to monitor the video cameras that watch the interior and exterior perimeter, or even the wind speed indicated on the weather station on the house.

Thus, the user can decide what actions to undertake: choose to set a different temperature in a room, stop the music and lower the exterior rollers in order to reduce heat loss through the glass surfaces.

On returning from vacation, the user can command from the airport bringing the thermal parameters from “economy” mode to “comfort” mode and the home will have the optimal temperature at the return home.