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Green house and energy efficiency in the passive house – Amavys Project

casa verde - contorizare inteligenta consumatorIn the ideal green house, automation solutions ensure better control of the cost of utilities, transforming the building into an energy efficient passive house that protects the environment.

To better understand, the passive house is a concept of construction based on energy efficiency principles that allow energy savings related to heating and cooling of up to 90% compared to traditional construction methods. Basically, we will have a green house where comfort, cost efficiency and ecological reasons are used in a modern way.

Casa pasiva facilitata prin economizor de energie KES Zenio si panou tactil touch screenThrough Zennio or Arcus-Eds sensors connected to the building control system, electricity consumption can be reduced and adapted to the needs of the user who owns the green house. Utility meters, such as those from Lingg & Janke, record all the consumption of the building, which can be easily checked at any time and thus measures can be taken to reduce costs.

In an intelligent green house, the light sensors allow the adjustment of the lighting intensity according to the natural light in the room, ensuring the efficiency of the electricity consumption. Also, the presence detectors indicate to the system that it can turn off the light in a room from the passive house where no activity is detected.

The automation system allows the temperature to be adjusted for each room according to the needs of the beneficiary. If an open door or window is detected, the system can be programmed to turn off ventilation and heat, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption of electricity and heat in the passive house.

Intelligent control of shading systems helps reduce climate costs. The system analyzes the outside temperatures and lowers or raises the blinds so that the heat from the sun can be used in the green house for heating or blocked if the room is warm enough.

In Romania, the concept of passive house is supported and promoted by the government and the Environmental Fund Administration through the Green House financing program, which addresses individuals as well as legal entities, offering them financial assistance for the acquisition and installation of heating intelligent systems that uses renewable energy.

For more references on the concept of energy efficient passive house, you can consult the official page of the Independent Passive House Institute.