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Smart curtains – remote control

Smart curtains – when we think of curtains, blinds or other shading elements, we consider them mainly a practical object that we can integrate into the interior design of the building. But in a smart home, shading systems can also be smart. If we carefully analyze their role, we realize that they have a great influence on the indoor temperature, energy consumption, but also on the mood of those who live or work in that space, through the control exercised over the light that enters the room.

An intelligent building provides the possibility of shading systems control (shutters, curtains, rolls etc.) in order to create the desired atmosphere but also to reduce the air conditioninig costs. The motivations of choosing intelligent control for them can be varied For a house, instead of being woken up in the morning by the shrill sound of the alarm clock, you can open your eyes watching the sunrise beyond the shutters that rise at the scheduled time or, at sunset, instead of entering each room to pull the curtains, you can do this with a single touch of the touchscreen. In an office building, on the main facade, in the evening, interior rolls can come down and a special lighting can generate the company’s identity.

An important aspect is the economy that such an intelligent control of shading systems can bring. In the summer, when outdoor temperatures reach high values, the system can go down roller blinds, helping the air conditioning system, correlated with the sun’s position on certain facades. The control of the sunlight is very important for those working at the computer or watching a movie/slideshow on a projector. The solutions we propose, from the Swiss manufacturer Silent Gliss, are part of a wide range of applications:

  • Electrically operated curtains
  • Roman Blinds
  • Panel Glade System
  • Roller or Vertical Blind
  • Skylight Shading Systems

The latter can be designed for any type of glazed roof, thus realizing protection against sulight but also energy efficiency. For more details or to get in touch with a consultant, please contact us.