On Aleea Alexandru, among venerable maples, scented limes and interbelic architecture we find an exceptional building for Bucharest, which would shine in any other capital of the world.

Known as “Villa Capo”, the building is an interbelic villa with Artdeco elements and neoclassical accents, brought in contemporary by a smart thinking of spaces, thus offering generous and versatile and multifunctional interiors.

The building has a fluid transparent floor, which brings the sky close and lets the eyes wander freely over the city. During the night it is illuminated by RGB spotlights that can create light shows.

Lighting control is made through the KNX standard, both “in house” and “remote”, through keypads, touchscreens or server. By connecting the burglary system with the KNX standard, when an alarm is triggered different lights are turned on to discourage potential intruders.

Because it is an office building, a remote management of lighting was required, so that from a distance you can check the light status and you can switch off the ones forgotten by the employees. For the holiday period various scenarios were conceived to simulate human presence through randomly light switching.

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