The building on Aurel Persu street is managed through a KNX system. We have integrated an “open standard” automation solution that allowed the interconnection of specialized equipment from several manufacturers.

The system coordinates the three thermal sources: underfloor heating, convectors in the window area and VRV air conditioning system. The user has to set the desired temperature in each room and the system chooses the most economical, healthy and comfortable solution.

The building has windows which close automatically when rain begins and in the basement there is a fan which starts every 2 hours for venting.

The lights can be controlled individually or by certain scenarios, depending on the activity performed. The night lighting is automatically turned on when it gets dark.

The building is protected by an alarm system and by digital IP cameras with high resolution.

If you want to find out more details about the systems installed in our projects or about the solution that suits you, we invite you to contact us by email: or at the phone number: 0744.702.060.