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Motion detector Presentia C from Zennio

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Motion detector Presentia C from Zennio

Motion detector Presentia C from Zennio – the sensor detects movement, measures the brightness level in the room and signals the presence of a person in the monitored space.

It is designed for easy installation in the ceiling, with the help of built-in accessories for buried or surface mounting.

The device has a wide detection range with an angle of 360 degrees and a radius of up to 30 meters.

The main features of Presentia C motion detector:

– Detecting the presence of a person in a space. Through an analysis of several sensors, it is identified whether a certain space is occupied by a person, regardless of whether the person actually moves in the room or not.

– Constant control of the lighting level in the monitored space. KNX commands are sent to the control modules that operate the lighting fixtures in the room, so that the ambient light level remains constant.

– Setting the different reference values for brightness, the working mode for day and night, as well as activating or deactivating the motion indicator LEDs

– 10 customizable, multi-operation logic functions

– Notification of proper functioning

The Master / Slave configuration allows the use of multiple detectors for larger spaces.

The result is an efficient motion detector, combined with a brightness sensor, which meets even the most demanding installation criteria.

For more details about motion detectors or other Zennio equipment you can write to us by email: or you can contact us at the phone number: 0744.702.060.

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