The building on Giacomo Puccini street is a residential property located near Floreasca Park. In this project the aime was to integrate several systems like lighting, heating and shading systems. The beneficiary desired that all these functionalities can be easily viewed and controled from the server.

So all that has to be done is to set the desired temperature in each room and the system that controls floor and wall heating will solve the requirement in an economical, comfortable and healthy way.

Through the weather station of the building the night lighting can be controlled. Exterior rollers can be controlled through the automation system and in the winter they are periodically moved to prevent them from freezing.

Protection of the building is provided by the installed burglar systems and by high resolution digital IP cameras. Viewing security systems on a computer, tablet or smartphone offers an enhanced sense of safety and allows the beneficiary to check the status of the building even when is away from home for a longer period.

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