The building on Mora Street is an urban villa with 5 luxury apartments, located in a prestigious neighborhood.

The smart building is managed with a KNX system. We have integrated an “open standard” automation solution that has allowed the interconnection of specialized equipment from several European manufacturers.

For example, the system coordinates the three heat sources for each room: underfloor heating, convectors in the window area, air conditioning in VRV system; but also the fresh air, and the shading systems (rollers, curtains and awning on the top level terrace).

Thus, the user only has to set the desired temperature in the room, and the system knows how to self-regulate, to prioritize, solving the requirement in the most economical, comfortable and healthy way. The weather station of the building controls the beacon lighting for the night, the awnings on the terraces when the wind blows harder and the interior rollers when the midday sun burns.

The lighting can be controlled individually or according to a scenario according to the activity carried out (discussion, watching a movie, party, etc.). The night presence of the building is supported by light accents, the predominant being the LED type. The main access staircase in the building has the backlights illuminated with special outdoor LED elements; of course, automatically controlled by the home and building control system.

In terms of security, the fingerprint allows convenient and secure access to the building; smoke detectors “buried” in the ceiling discreetly monitor the spaces; digital IP video cameras record images in detail at high resolution. Viewing security systems on your computer, tablet, or smartphone provides a sense of security and allows you to check your home status at a glance, even when you’re away for a long time.

Other essential components of the home are also integrated into the general system: music (you can choose a song or you can select the “party” option) or the planter irrigation, which can be programmed according to weather conditions.

Operation is extremely simple and intuitive. All functions can be accessed from keypads (smart switches) at hand, from minipanels (small touchscreen displays the size of a smartphone) where all options are presented graphically, but also from the phone or tablet.

Accessing the commands can be done both “in house” and „remote”, using the building’s internet connection. You can keep in touch with the building from a distance – for example, when you return from vacation, you can command from the airport the thermal parameters from “economy” mode to “comfort” mode and the house will have the optimum temperature when returning home.

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