The owners of the residence love to travel but, at the same time, they place great emphasis on quality time in the privacy of their home. Therefore, when they built the house, they wanted a modern and easy-to-use solution that would allow intuitive control of all the functionalities of the home, both inside the house and remotely.

The architecture of the villa is exquisite. The Smart Home functionalities that we have implemented include:

  • Lighting control system, with spotlights in DALI configuration, trimless spotlights and LED strips; Most of the lighting are dimmable and are part of scenarios programmed into the system.
  • Automation of dry indoor sauna; Basically we took control of the heating, lighting and safety elements and through the application, the customer can set the desired temperature and monitor any technical alarms.
  • The outdoor sound system with 8 satellites and 2 subwoofers, with amplifiers in the house, in the technical room; The customer can control everything from a mobile toutch screen in the garden. The sound system of the garden and pool benefits from the positioning next to a concrete wall that helps reflect the audio to fill the entire garden with strong and clear sound.
  • Perhaps the most integrated technical control system is that of the gas boiler linked to the solar panels which are both automated and prioritised to serve the outdoor pool and jacuzzi. This ensures maximum comfort with a minimum consumption of thermic energy. We installed several additional temperature and flow sensors in order to monitor the parameters of temperature, pressure and water flow in various segments of the installation so that the automation system can achieve the comfort requirements (temperature, waves, etc) safely and with minimum energy consumption.

The homeowners enjoy the benefits of home technology. Currently, the beneficiary is working frome home and he is satisfied with the quick and easy control of the functionalities. A mobile touch screen that he keeps on his desk allows him to easily access all functions of the automation system, without interrupting his work tasks.

If you want to find out more details about the systems installed in our projects or about the solution that suits you, we invite you to contact us by email: or at the phone number: 0744.702.060.