Electric panel – Panel equipment

Electric panel we have in any building, whether it is a smart or classic house.
Depending on the situation and how the electrical installation was designed, there is the possibility to have several electric panels in the building, one of them will be the general one.
The equipments that form the electric panel of a smart home are divided into three main categories:

  • Command equipment: Actuators
  • Safety equipment: Circuit breakers
  • Scenario equipment: Servers

The installation of an electric panel, distribution or automation, must be performed by authorized personnel in the field.

At the same time, the beneficiary of a house is recommended to know the basic operating principles of an electric panel and of the component elements, in order to be able to connect / disconnect the electrical fuses that serve specific consumers in case of failure after a short circuit.

KNX electric panel actuator

Circuit breakers are those components that electricians use to protect electrical circuits in a building. An electric panel has three main functions:

  • offers the possibility to interrupt the power supply of the entire building through the main switch
  • distributes energy to all circuits in the house
  • it is designed to protect individual circuits from overload, short circuit and electric shock

Actuators are control and actuation elements of the lighting circuits (On / Off, Dimmer / LED Driver), of the shading systems (blinds / rollers) or of the air conditioning installations (fan coils, radiators, etc).

In our projects we use Zennio, Lingg & Janke or Elsner Elektronik actuators which effectively combine functionality with reliability.

Servers are complex modules that communicate with all the controlling equipment in the building. They can make 3D / 2D visualizations of the building, complex scenarios and logics, prioritize systems and send failure alerts of installations via e-mail.


KNX smart electrical installations

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