Field elements are those components of the smart home system with which the beneficiary interacts directly or indirectly. For a better understanding of the role of each component, we will detail each one. The field elements are divided into 3 subcategories: touch panels, keypads, sensors (motion sensors, temperature sensors, etc.).

Field elements

Keypads are digital switches that ensure local control in each space. Keypads can be used to program individual functions or complex scenes depending on the customer’s needs. Their various design, from modern to classic, offers the right choice for any space.

Our team uses keypads that are recognized for reliability and performance, from manufacturers like: Zennio, Basalte, Lingg & Janke, Lithoss.

About the keypads that we use in our projects you can find more details in the articles from the news section from our site.


Senzori miscare Keypad-uri KNX

Motion sensors, presence sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors or CO2 sensors are equipment that, integrated in the KNX system, increase its functionality and ability to meet complex scenarios in certain situations (example: ventilation control system with fresh air supply)

Like all the equipment used in Amavys projects, the sensors that we use (motion sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, etc.) are of the highest quality and belong to top brands: Zennio, Arcus-Eds, Basalte, Elsner Elektronik.


KNX temperature sensors

Panels are screens that facilitate the visualization, monitoring and control of automation systems. They have a special design, being available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures of frames or screen sizes, which allow integration into any building design.

Panels are the user interface to interact and control motion sensors, temperature sensors, CO2 sensors, etc.

As panels used in our projects, we mention brands such as: Zennio, Basalte, Control4.

You can also find more information in our specialized articles from the news section of the site.